LAMY Safari Pricing Updates

As of February 1st, our prices for the LAMY Safari and AL-Star fountain pens will drop. And here’s why:

For years we have been selling these models with the appropriate piston converter – the refillable cartridge.  It means that our prices are higher. We have always included it in the price, because we believe fountain pens need converters. Using bottled ink is better for the pen, more economical, more fun and ultimately better for the environment. And cleaning your pen with the converter is easy and efficient. 

Going online has allowed to continue to serve our loyal customers, and connect with new ones, even during the lockdowns. But, when shopping online, the thing we all notice first is price.  Unless folks understood that our prices included a converter, we appeared to be overpriced.

So, starting in February, we will become much more competitive on price for these LAMY products, but they will not include a convertor.  When you buy one from our website, this will be made clear. Also, you will be able to add a converter to your purchase at a reduced price.

Thanks for your understanding and your support.  Let us know if you have any questions, or comments.  Stay safe.

~ Peter

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Thank you Peter. I bought most of my fountain pen products from you. I want to expand my ink collection and more variety of writing experience.
Happy writing

Andrew Tang February 18, 2022

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