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Article: A New Brand

A New Brand - Laywine's
Store News

A New Brand

For those of you who know are frequent visitors to the store, you may have noticed that over the past year a new logo has appeared on top of our word mark. Inspired by the heraldic shields of past, we wanted something simple, elegant, and unmistakably Laywine's.

While at first glance, the logo may appear to be a simple geometric design, its simplicity belies hidden depths. The logo is made up of four components: a nib; a pencil point; an ink drop; and a sheet of paper. These four elements combined create the new logo which is a perfect representation of the products that make us us.

We hope that you love it as much as we do!


Just wanted to say that I am delighted to find Laywine’s online! I lived in Toronto in the 1990s and left in 2003. We used to frequent your store for all kinds of things—I bought a beautiful leather agenda and annual refills there (pre-smart phone), as well as some lovely stationary, notepads and assorted pens. My husband introduced me to your store and bought me many gifts there. I was in the US for several years and had just moved back to Ontario, but not Toronto, a couple of years before Covid.

I was just looking for some classical music on YouTube and up popped your ad! You would not recognize me probably, but you look the same. I’m looking forward to shopping at Laywine’s again!

EY Pelletier

Yes, Laywine’s-branded notebooks with the logo would be an awesome idea!


Love the re-branding! Would love to see that logo on (possible) future in-house notebooks!


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