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Article: Common Modern

Common Modern - Laywine's

Common Modern

When we first saw Common Modern's products in Paris in January of 2020, we fell in love immediately. Their vibrant and modern approach to stationery was unlike anything we'd seen and the ethos of sustainable and well-crafted products perfectly aligned with our philosophy. We planned to bring them in for the summer of 2020... and then lockdown happened and our entire business changed overnight. 

Fast forward to March 2021 and not only have we adapted to the new world, but we're also now in a position to finally get this exciting brand into our stores, both physical and online.

The bright cheerful colours will provide a much-needed and refreshing splash of colour to any day or workplace, whether home or office. Even better is that, as with all products we carry, they are both beautiful and functional. From their range of notebooks and cards to their exquisite handmade paper fans. 

Whether you choose to treat yourself or someone else, we hope that you'll love this brand as much as we do! 

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