Platinum 3776 Century Koi Celluloid Fountain Pen


Celluloid is a difficult and expensive material to make. It requires a lot of raw materials and energy, and then months of curing. So, most celluloid pens still being made are limited, expensive and made from old stock.

One exception is the Platinum 3776 celluloid series. Instead of being made from rods of celluloid, the 3776 is made from a sheet of celluloid that is wrapped and sealed; a seam is discreet but visible. And the pen is about half the price of most of the celluloid pens on the market and is available with the smooth 3776 14k gold nib.

The red and white 'Koi' and brown mottled 'Tortoise' are our favourites.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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