Scribo La Dotta Fountain Pen First Release


The newest model from Scribo, La Dotta (the Learned One) is a tribute to Bologna's most famous contribution to civilization: the first university in the Western world. Founded in 1088 the University of Bologna has continued to attract students from all over the world to this day. 

The pen features a smooth body rendered in two stunning colours, Ai Colli, inspired by the hills surrounding Bologna, and Ai Giardini, in tribute to the verdant Giardini Margherita. Like all other Scribos, the exquisite nib means that the pens are as much of a joy to write with as they are to behold. 

  • 18k gold nib
  • Available in Extra Extra Fine, Extra Fine, and Fine
  • Piston-fill, for use with bottled ink only (1.42ml capacity)
  • Ebonite feed
  • Limited to 219 pieces per colour
  • Made in Italy

Only 1 piece in stock!

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