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Scribo Feel Fountain Pen, Novello & Mosto

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 When the beloved Italian penmaker OMAS was no longer in 2016, many of the craftspeople who made OMAS pens wanted to continue manufacturing; unable to purchase the name, they commenced production as Scrittura Bolognese, or ‘Scribo.’ ⁠

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Bologna, each pen showcases meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality. Renowned for their smooth writing experience reminiscent of OMAS and exquisite designs and colour theory, Scribo Fountain Pens are beloved by collectors and connoisseurs alike for their timeless style and unmatched performance.

This release of the Scribo Feel pays homage to native Italian wine-making.  Mosto, with its crushed ice finish, is the colour of the early stages of winemaking when the grapes are pressed to create a cloudy liquid of juice and seeds. Novello takes on a developed, deep-ruby-black colour reminiscent of a finely aged vino.

  • One of 219
  • Piston-fill (bottled ink only)
  • Scribo ink is recommended
  • Broad 18-karat gold writing nib or 14-karat gold, fine flex nib
  • Linen pouch included
  • Made by hand in Italy
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Scribo Feel Fountain Pen, Novello & Mosto - Laywine's

Scribo Feel Fountain Pen, Novello & Mosto

Novello / Broad

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