Hobonichi A5 Cousin Cover, Leather: TS Water Green


The graceful color is fresh as young grass and sprouts and has a sense of transparency like water. It is soft to the touch and feels moist and smooth. You can now have a cover with “butterfly-stopper” pen holders with the allure of Italian leather.

The leather used for this cover is called “SETA,” tanned by “Poletto” in Northern Italy. It is a slightly matte leather with a transparent feel, made from raw European hides and tanned with chrome. The name “SETA,” meaning “silk” in Italian, was given because of its silky touch and natural finish. This leather’s beautiful coloring and smooth, soft, and unique feel result from Italy’s unique sense of color. The fine grain also makes scratches less noticeable.

The interior pocket includes the Hobonichi logo in silver foil. Every cover is unique and preserves the natural appearance of the original leather.

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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