A L’AISE Calligraphy Ink White


This ink is handmade in À L'AISE's London studio using natural pigments and natural binders to create a super opaque ink.

This ink has been designed for use with a dip pen. Due to the nature of the natural pigments used, the pigment can settle over time, so before use it will need a shaken or a mixed. Make sure to wipe the jar and lid clean before closing to avoid the lid sticking.

These inks are water based and if it is too thick for your nib, a drop water can be added to dilute the ink. If the ink is too watery you can leave the ink with the lid off for the ink to evaporate slightly, we advise overnight.

This ink is water based and over time will naturally evaporate, you can add a drop of water to bring it back to the desired consistency.

All inks are tested with a L'ecoliere nib, but most pointed pen nibs will work. Different nibs will create a slightly different look.

  • 15ml
  • For use with dip pens only. Not for use in fountain pens.
  • Made in the UK

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