I'm Sorry, And You're Welcome

When someone walks into the shop, whether well-versed or new to the world of writing instruments, there is a moment of engagement. It is often a dance, sometimes a face-off, and almost always enlightening. The journey can be one of preconceptions altered or beliefs reinforced, and eyes opened. When it is a journey that comes to a productive conclusion, when we arrive together and exchange money for a pen (or ink or notebook), I sometimes sense a change on the part of the customer. 



There is a moment when the customer appears swept away by desire and its fulfillment.  


This is not a bad thing, but a recognition of the human condition.  We want what we want, but realize we’ve slipped at the mouth of the rabbit hole. At that moment, we resign ourselves to sit back and just enjoy the ride.



And that is when I say, ‘I’m sorry, and you’re welcome.’



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