Exacompta FAF Pad


A perennial favourite at Laywine's, the FAF (Fabriqué en France) Pad is a useful and stylish addition to any desk -- we've used one in the store for over 20 years! Made of aluminum and brass, the FAF Pad stays planted on your desk for all note-taking needs and the micro-perforated sheets make them easy to tear off to start a new note. FAF Pads have been in continuous production for over 50 years and are made in a Gustave Eiffel-designed building in Paris. If you're unsure which size is best, we think the No. 3 is the perfect size for most desks.

  • Supplied with blank insert
  • 200 micro-perforated sheets
  • 60g/sm
  • Made in France

For reference, the size of the pads is as follows:

  • No. 2, 16 x 10cm
  • No. 3, 18.5 x 11.5cm
  • No. 4, 21 x 13.5cm

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