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Article: 31 Years Later, Another, Virtual, Store

31 Years Later, Another, Virtual, Store

After opening our store in Yorkville in 1987, we have been cautious about venturing into new territory, preferring instead to focus on the customers in front of us. A few years ago, we started to receive increased requests for an online store, and while initially hesitant due to the difference in customer experience, here we now are with an online store all of our own!

If you're a regular visitor to our shop, you may notice a smaller selection in the online store -- this is for a couple of reasons: first, we want to ensure that our online store fits with the calibre of experience in-store and so we're only publishing products we have ample supplies of, initially; second, we want to ensure that the brands that are special to us are featured and promoted through our online store. We travel the world finding new brands to introduce to the Toronto market and are now excited to be able to share some of our favourite products with the whole world!

Now that the initial hurdle of opening an online store has been surmounted, we'll be updating the website with more/new products regularly. As ever, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

~ Peter


Being new to the fountain pen world I found all the advice and help wonderful. My father’s Parker Arrow pen is back working and I cannot wait to write with the new grey ink I chose in my new pen. Of course one colour of ink leads to another so I am sure to be returning again and again.

And the stationery matches perfectly with what I had at home and my filofax is finally set up with the right pages. Another plus.

Thanks for your help today.

Nancy McNee

Very pleased Peter that the store is increasing its on-line presence and reach to your dedicated and loyal customers nearby in Toronto and the GTA and former customers like me who have moved far away to Saskatoon.

Rob Maguire

I have worked in the Yorkville area for thirty years and one of my favourite experiences is Laywine’s. It has become a real treat to drop in and see what treasures they have, whether it’s a fountain pen, mechanical pencil, or Japanese agenda, it’s my go-to-place.

John Newman

Thank you for adding products to your online store. Even though I work within walking distance, I don’t usually have enough time during the day to visit your store and see what is in stock. Already a couple of Filofax inserts have caught my eye and I will be considering purchasing from you before ordering anything from Amazon.


I am still coming to the store as it like a social visit for me, but this online store is a great idea and I am sure to use it now and then. You will do very well with it and I wish you all the success you deserve, and that’s a lot.

Norman McDonough

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