Scribo Feel Grigio Fountain Pen


The Scribo Feel is a fantastic new pen from a brand we're all very excited by as it has been formed by ex-OMAS employees and uses the same nib and ebonite feed design. Anyone who's been into Laywine's knows how much the staff all loved OMAS and so we're delighted to be able to carry Scribo. All handmade in Bologna, the Scribo pens are a delight to write with either of their two nibs, a classic 18k or a 14k flex nib.

Scribo initially launched with 2 shades of blue which are permanent, but launch different seasonal limited colours -- at the moment it's grey with the stunning Grigio Giorno and Grigio Notte pens.

  • Piston-fill (bottled ink only)
  • 18k or 14k Flex Nib
  • EF, F, M, B
  • Comes with linen pen pouch
  • Made in Italy

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