Platinum Izumo Yakumonuri Byakudan Urushi Fountain Pen


Platinum's Yakumonuri Byakudan Urushi fountain pen is a striking example of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Inspired by the clouds painted on the ceiling of the Izumo shrine, each pen, hand-turned from ebonite, takes months to complete and exhibits the wide variety of lacquer disciplines found in Japan.

First, delicate sheets of pure-gold leaf are hand applied to the ebonite body. Mystic clouds are then hand-painted using silver powder, accented with kinsunago (gold dust.) Using brilliant red, orange, and green urushi lacquers, more clouds are added,  each outlined with silver powder. Then finally, layers of transparent sukiurushi lacquer coat the scene, protecting it from the elements. Over time, the sukiurushi lacquer will become more transparent, allowing the subtle details and brightly-coloured usushi to shine through vividly. Due to their handcrafted nature, each Yakumonuri Byakudan Urushi fountain pen is unique in its finish. 

Crafted to be passed through generations, these luxurious fountain pens showcase Platinum's coveted bi-colour, 18-karat gold President nib; making for an unparalleled writing experience.

  • Handcrafted in Izumo City Japan
  • Presented in a fine, green velvet-lined wooden box with a pen sleeve, and a converter 
  • Secure, threaded cap
  • Medium, 18-Karat bi-colour gold Platinum President nib

Only 1 piece in stock!

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