Koyuko Jibun Techo First Kit Mini 2024, White


The DIARY is a dated planner Including vertical, monthly, and gantt chart. Easy to write and find entries from the year.The LIFE booklet lets you keep information that you want to refer to over the years, like life goals and anniversaries. You can transfer all that information without having to rewrite it in a new planner every year.IDEA is a notebook with a grid layout for extra notes, journaling, sketching or more.

Colourful tabs:
The colour of the tabs changes every month, so you can have a fresh look. The hour from 06:00 to 07:00 now gets two rows.

Opens at a flat angle:
Lay-flat binding makes all parts of the page equally easy to write on.

Special paper developed for Jibun Techo:
KOKUYO’s own specially-developed THIN paper is used. Despite being thin and lightweight, it is more resistant to show-through than conventional papers, and resists warping even when you rub out erasable ink.

'DIARY' Work planner,To-do lists,Meals,Want lists,Places to meet for drinks,Shopping lists,Task management ,Deliverables,Hobbies log,Journal,Business trip log,Team-mates’ schedules,List of shops/venues to check out,(Children’s) development log,Work log,Family life planner,Gifts,Weather, temperature,Tasks


Please note all 2024 agendas and calendars are final sale.
'LIFE'Goals,Anniversaries,Quotes and sayings,Contacts,Password hints,Travel log,Medical record,Money manager
'IDEA' Notes,Ideas for planning,Notes on meetings,Outlines for document creation

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