Hobonichi Weeks, Josef Capek: Doggie and Pussycat, 2022


This Weeks cover is based on the classic Czech children’s book All About Doggie and Pussycat by painter and author Josef Čapek.

On the cover, Doggie and Pussycat are shown baking a cake. In addition to the flour, milk, and eggs, they add their favorite things, such as onions, pickles, spicy sausage... how on earth will it turn out?

The cover has been constructed as a light, hardcover book with some give to it so it still bends.

The background is an off-white color and the year 2022 and book spine are an energetic shade of red. The year has a little texture to it as a nice touch.

The back of the cover shows the author Čapek visiting Doggie and Pussycat’s house. On the bottom left is Josef Čapek’s signature and an imprint of a Hobonichi logo.

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