Hobonichi Weeks 2024, Yumi Kitagishi: Take a Look


Illustrator Yumi Kitagishi created the artwork featured on this Weeks book cover. The world in Kitagishi’s acrylic gouache paintings evoke warm, nostalgic feelings reminiscent of childhood days spent gazing at picture books.

The concept behind this Weeks book is “carrying around my own framed artwork.” A special feeling like holding a small work of art by Kitagishi in your own hands, has been created using machines from Kiryu, a town famous for weaving. The special feel and silky sheen of the texture make it different from printed designs, and the navy color gives it a mature look.

Because the illustration is depicted through woven fabric and not a print, each cover has the motif placed in a slightly different position, making each a one-of-a-kind design. 

When you order this Hobonichi Techo Weeks, you’ll receive a clear, adhesive corner pocket you can stick anywhere you like.

  • English Edition
  • January Start
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