Hobonichi Techo Cousin and Cover, Spruced-up Cat (Candy Pink), 2021


This eye-catching cover is decorated with embroidered cats. Hobonichi collaborated with Japanese fashion brand Candy Stripper, a brand that’s been loved by young women for twenty five years since the establishment of the brand.

True to its name, the cats are all spruced up in their collared clothes with a somewhat serious expression. Even so, the cats expressions are filled with a charm and cuteness that will catch your attention.

The collars are made with georgette fabric, with actual ribbons sewn on.

Even the sheen of the fabric adds to the dolled-up look. The exterior is a candy pink that will capture your heart with just one look. The interior and pen holders are a revitalizing red.

The interior also has the Candy Stripper logo

This cover is packed with cuteness that will uplift your mood by just holding it in your hands.

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