Hobonichi Techo Cousin and Cover, minä perhonen: ohayo (gray), 2021


minä perhonen creates timeless, all-original garment textiles that are specially dyed, embroidered, and woven to recreate hand-drawn designs.

Small embroidered flowers are dotted on this ohayo textile. True to its name ohayo, meaning “good morning” in Japanese, it’s as if the flowers cheerfully greet you. The texture of the petals are fun to touch.

The fabric is a cotton linen blend with a rough texture. To go with the gray of the exterior, we paired an off white for the interior. It comes with bookmarks of two colors: a dark green and a pale pink.

The zipper pull is made with natural leather and includes a butterfly charm.

Each cover contains a unique arrangement of the pattern. We hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind cover.

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