Hobonichi A6 Planner & Cover, Safari 2, 2022


This leather-trimmed trifold cover is made of a navy twill material. The name of this cover comes from “Safari Style,” the fashion style European nobles wore on safari in Africa back in the first half of the twentieth century. 

The popular Hobonichi Techo cover Safari (Navy) from the 2017 edition made a comeback with alterations in the details, such as the fabric used and the pockets on the interior. The supple navy twill is accented and reinforced by brown leather.

You can hold the cover sideways like a clutch bag. The smile pocket on the interior, pen hook, and bookmark charms also uses cow leather. Inside the flap are two vertical pockets that can hold cards and other small objects. In front of that is another small vertical pocket that is trimmed.

With an elegant cover with features like this, you’ll always feel ready to mount an adventure of your own.

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