Hobonichi A6 Planner & Cover, Omiya Yogashiten: Shall we have some tea? 2022


This standard, butterfly-stopper style cover is modeled after the packaging of Omiya Yogashiten, a historical and beloved sweets shop in Kanda, Tokyo.

Omiya Yogashiten is famous for treats such as strawberry shortcake sandwiches and colorful mixed-fruit containing plenty of strawberries. Equally popular is the packaging, which we’ve based this cover design on.

The illustrations were drawn by a young woman who was a university art student at the time. The pastel-colored design is cute yet elegant, with a gentle feel. It shows a man and woman relaxing on a terrace, a boy playing with a dog, women and girls dressed up nicely, and other scenes that will brighten your day.

We turned these packaging illustrations into a techo cover as a way to fill users with the same happiness and fun that comes from tasting the amazing treats from Omiya Yogashiten.

The “butterfly-stopper” pen holders feature the design used on the bottom parchment paper for the shop’s cheesecake.

The shop logo is silkscreen-printed onto the cover’s interior pocket.

The bookmarks are pink and blue to complete the design with a cute look.

Carrying this cover will fill you with as much joy and excitement as if you’d have bought a box full of treats to bring on your way home.

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