Hobonichi A6 Planner & Cover, Hiroko Kubota: Count the Lights, 2022


This small, unassuming town has a horizon that stretches as far as the eye can see. It depicts a sky deep in a sunset during that magical time when the sun is just about to disappear for the day. Lights are starting to blink on in preparation for the looming night ahead. And among all that, there’s a fox watching the beautiful view from up above a telephone box.

Illustrator Hiroko Kubota drew this heart-warming artwork specially for the Hobonichi Techo cover.

The town sparkles like stained glass, the sky uses gradations of orange and purple, and the white moon is so small that it looks like it’s just floating around in the sky. All the views are so beautiful.

When you open the techo, you’ll still feel the charm of the cover illustration because the cover design is printed on the inner pocket.

This cover is mesmerizing with the way it blends the melancholy of a fading sunset with the warmth of daily life.

Instagram: @hiroko_kubota_

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