Hobonichi A6 Cover, MOTHER: Attention


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This cover design is based on Shigesato Itoi’s 1994 Super Nintendo game, MOTHER 2 (EarthBound in North America). The A6 size Attention! cover features pixel art of billboards you find around town, logos, typography, and other memorable characters from the game.

The vibrantly printed design shows a playful depiction of stickers plastered all over the front and back of the cover. The back of the cover includes a memorable truck and billboards, including those from the Fourside Dinosaur Museum, Apple Kid and Orange Kid’s houses, and even Burglin Park (Nusutto Park in Japanese). The pixel art includes characters that anyone would remember if they’ve played the game, but it also contains some core motifs that aren’t as easy to recall.

The cover interior is yellow and has two bookmarks, one with a red charm and the other with a blue charm. The MOTHER 2 logo and the black silhouette from a failed teleport attempt are printed on the ticket pocket. The butterfly stopper pen holders come in red and blue. The mismatched colors are a delight when the cover is closed.

As a free bonus, this cover includes a pack of 12 clear MOTHER 2 stickers of various sizes. You can place these stickers somewhere on your techo, or on whichever belonging you’d like to stick some on! The sticker is fade-resistant and slightly water-repellant, so you could also put it on a suitcase.

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