It is pretty safe to say that 2020 has been a challenge for all of us.  We here at Laywine’s have been trying to get as many of our products on the website as possible.  In response to your many phone inquiries, we have driven our web serfs night and day to get the Filofax 2021 agenda refills up on the site.

Filofax: most agenda refills are on line now. We have some Mini (5 holes) refills left that are not online. Please contact us below if you are seeking one of these.

Many of the other brands’ 2021 refills are not yet up on the site, so we have posted a contact form to fill out to help us identify your 2021 agenda. Please fill in the form, and we will contact you for payment information: 

These are what we are stocking, what we need to know, and where you’ll find that information:

Quo Vadis:

  • The name of your agenda (eg. President, Prenote, Business…)
  • The name is printed on the front page. 


  • The code number (usually a combination of letters and numbers: such as 32SU)
  • The code is often printed on the outside back cover or on the Letts sticker. Failing that, please measure the size (closed) and describe the pages (weekly in columns with appointment times, cream coloured paper, etc.) All of this will help us identify your preferred agenda.

Preference Collection:

  • The size in inches, and whether it is punched, bound or wire-bound
  • All Preference agendas are the same layout, month and week on two pages.


  • The name of your agenda (Space 24, Exatime 17)
  • The name is usually printed on the front page. If you are unsure of the name, the number contained in the name is the length, so Space 24 is 24cm top to bottom.


  • The name (Racine,Colbert) or code (AS16R, SK12, etc)
  • As with Exacompta (also part of the Exaclair group) the name is sometimes printed on the cover page or on the packaging. Also, like Exacompta, the code contains the length in centimetres.

Traveler’s Notebook

  • Which size (Notebook or Passport) and layout (Monthly or Week with memo)
  • Weekly with memo is covered in blue and monthly is orange. 

If you are unsure how to identify your agenda refill, please either describe it in the box below or email us a photo of the inside and outside at  We will figure it out!