Octagon Vincon Desk Calendar 2024


The iconic desk calendar of Vinçon Barcelona. 

Minimal, with only what needs to be there, and nothing else. The perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

  • 120 x 155 mm
  • It can be written on with all types of writing implements: pencils, pens, ink, markers or highlighters. 
  • It comes in a small bag. In case that it is for a gift, makes it an even more special present
  • traditional spiral calendar with a central semi-ring to be easily hung on a hook on the wall
  • Universal and international, with only Sundays marked in red, and no other holidays
  • At the back you will find a page with round red stickers so you can mark local holidays or personal dates
  • On the last page you can find the next year calendar, the whole year on a page, so you can begin to plan and write notes for the following year

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