Kokuyo Jibun Techo Days Mini 2023 Yellow


Like the JIBUN_TECHO Standard, the DAYs planner uses KOKUYO's own THIN paper. Lightweight and low in show-through, it resists warping even when you rub out erasable ink.
* Compared with conventional Tomoe River paper.
Divided in 2 books for portability:
The DAYs planner comes as a set of two six-month diaries. Each of these is about the same thickness as a regular JIBUN_TECHO DIARY, making it easy to carry around.

24- hour timeline runs down the center of the page:
Our new design lets you keep two separate logs side by side, such as your work and family schedules, or your to-do list and life log.
It's now easier to customize schedules to suit your own needs.

Dates and days are printed on the top:
The trouble with a conventional page-a-day planner is that it’s difficult to see whereabouts you are in the week. We’ve solved the problem by making your position within the week intuitively obvious.
* Patent pending

3-year calendar,Yearly schedule,My dream the year,This year’s events,100 wishes list,Free list,Monthly schedule,Monthly project,Daily page,Looking back on the year,Notes


  • Size/B6 silm
  • Height・width/182 × 112 (mm)/ 7.2 × 4.4 (in)
  • Contents/112 sheets
  • Set description/DAYs mini 2023 DIARY (first & second half)
  • Materials/cover/PVC (transparent matt・with pen holder), insert paper (specialty paper)

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