Hobonichi A5 Cousin Cover, MOTHER: Boing!


This MOTHER series cover design was made in part by Shigesato Itoi. The A5 size cover is printed with quotes from the Mr. Saturn characters.

The orange cotton material has Mr. Saturns walking around it, and between them are occasional quotes printed on the cover.


◆Drink coffee before go?

◆Breathe is sooooo good!

The back of the cover also includes Mr. Saturns who seem to be walking in circles, as well as quotes from the character.

◆We no name! Boing!
All have same name!

More happy.
Ding ding.


These quotes aren’t printed in the Mr. Saturn font from the game, but instead printed in a font that Shigesato Itoi commissioned by filling out a draft manuscript in order to turn it into one.

The inside of the cover is orange, and it has two bookmarks with navy ribbons. The ticket pocket contains the following quote.

◆I think new things…
Difficult things… from now…

The MOTHER 2 logo is printed alongside this quote from Mr. Saturn after solving a certain incident in Saturn Valley. It seems like it holds a deep meaning, while actually meaning nothing. This quote from the pure and innocent Mr. Saturn is hidden for only your eyes to see.

As a free bonus, this cover includes a pack of 12 clear MOTHER 2 stickers of various sizes. You can place these stickers somewhere on your techo, or on whichever belonging you’d like to stick some on! The sticker is fade-resistant and slightly water repellant, so you could also put it on a suitcase.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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