Hobonichi A5 Cousin Cover, Hiroko Kubota: Twinkle-shells


A train runs along a track high in the gray sky. Look closely, and you'll see that the stars shining in the sky are in the shape of various seashells. A giraffe stands quietly on the ground, looking up at the sky. You can really feel the quietness of the scene.

This fantastic view, which looks to each person to have a different season, time, and place, was created by illustrator Hiroko Kubota. She brushed up a previous work of art in order to extend the story to the back of the cover as well.

The seashell-shaped stars all have their own appearances, as some have a soft glow while others are sparkling brightly. On the back of the cover you can see a puddle where the moon has fallen, and animals playing jump rope nearby. The interior pockets are blue-gray, with seashell stars sparkling in a sky that’s been printed behind the pockets. The bookmark charms are also shaped like shells.

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