Hobonichi A5 Cousin Cover, Blue Blue: Indigo Book (Sashiko)


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This cover is brought to you by a collaboration with Seilin & Co. denim brand Blue Blue.

In the early 1980’s, Blue Blue debuted as a maker of denim shirts. They focused on the color indigo blue and denim that transformed over time with extended use. This cover combines durable denim Blue Blue material with traditionally crafted “Sashiko” material so users can enjoy the two different textures together.

This diamond-patterned sashiko fabric was historically used to make clothes. The embroidery is greatly detailed with a high thread count. When you open the cover, you can see the Indigo German Cloth that Blue Blue is famous for. It’s a strong, resilient material also used in military jackets. The pen hook on the inside is designed to hold a pen by its clip. The cover retains its nice form even when closed. The button has a subtle, almost black color and is carved with the Blue Blue emblem. It gives a satisfying, low click when you open and close it. The back of the cover has a large pocket with the Blue Blue tag that is perfect for temporary storage such as tickets or postcards.

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