AJOTO Ebonite Rollerball


AJOTO have recently introduced this stunning new addition to their line up, offering their known and loved design in a new lightweight Ebonite finish. Ebonite has a long history of being used to make pens, with many early fountain pens made from this form of vulcanized rubber. Because of the manufacturing process, each pen made from this material will be completely unique, with the pattern and colours varying between pens. 

  • Uses short capless rollerball refill
  • Only weighs 13g
  • Made in UK

IMPORTANT : AJOTO uses the highest quality Ebonite but as with all products, care must be taken to avoid extended exposure to UV light. Over a long period of time the appearance of the Ebonite may slowly and gracefully patina. As a vulcanized rubber, Ebonite is resistant to everyday drops and knocks, but please note that care must be taken to avoid drops which can lead to potential damage or cracking.

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