Hobonichi Weeks 2024, Tomomi � Nishikawa: Hanabi Set


We now have a Weeks book with the artwork of graphic designer Tomomi ©︎ Nishikawa.

Tomomi ©︎ Nishikawa’s work, created by combining different shapes, are all free and entertaining designs that look like bouncing balls. The design of this Weeks book is based on the original poster “Hanabi Set.” The title was given to this work because it resembles the “fireworks set” commercially available in Japan, with how various motifs, including the bouquet, a trash can, a UFO, and a mole, are mixed and matched.

The artwork expands throughout the cover from the front to the back, making you want to look at it over and over again, giving you joy as if you are visiting an art museum.

On the upper right corner of the front cover is the year 2024 foil-pressed in gold. Tomomi ©︎ Nishikawa’s autograph is placed on the back cover under the dove, a symbol of peace.

When you order this Hobonichi Techo Weeks, you’ll receive a clear, adhesive corner pocket you can stick anywhere you like.The Weeks book has space for writing in plans or journal entries, and it also has 69 pages of grid paper memo pages in the back (73 pages in the English edition Weeks). The back of the book contains informational pages, including An Interview with Myself and Seasonal Sweets to Make at Home.

  • English Edition
  • January Start

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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